Discover a Better Solution for Keeping Lice Out of Your Hair

According to the CDC, between 6 million and 12 million cases of lice occur yearly among children ages 3 to 11 in the United States. If you ever had lice yourself as a child or your children have already had it, you know how time-consuming and frustrating it is to rid your home of a lice infestation.

There are methods for treating lice, but many of them feature harsh chemicals. Lice have responded by breeding a super lice strain that is resistant to the over-the-counter lice treatments most parents turn to for getting rid of lice. It’s a problem that bugs everyone, but parents everywhere needn’t look far to find a natural way to prevent lice, one that harnesses the power of essential oils instead of chemicals to keep lice away from children.

Leeloop will give all parents of preschool and elementary-aged children new hope though. This revolutionary anti-lice repellent comes in the form of a hairband. Thanks to the innovative technology of Leeloop, the only thing parents need to do to keep lice infestation from happening is to tie it into their children’s hair like they would with any other hairband.

Here are the reasons why Leeloop hairbands are the best choice for lice prevention:

  1. It’s completely natural – As mentioned, most lice treatment shampoos on the market are filled with artificial ingredients and pesticides. Leeloop hairbands and other products are 100% natural and will not cause harm to your child.
  2. It’s incredibly effective – After independent testing was conducted, Leeloop was clinically-proven to effectively repel lice when worn as instructed. In fact, it’s so effective that your child has a slim 5% chance of coming home with lice when using Leeloop hairbands.
  3. It’s 100% safe – Chemicals that you can’t pronounce have no business being on the head of your precious children. Leeloop uses 100% natural ingredients and is safe for use by children over the age of 3.
  4. It’s so easy, your child can use it –Kids love to be in control and with Leeloop, it’s one thing you can give them power over. They can tie it into their own hair and keep lice away, saving themselves from the itching and embarrassment that comes with lice infestation.
  5. Time-saving and cost-effective – Leeloop hairbands make sense for saving you time and money. Imagine if your child came home from school with lice today. While Leeloop also makes a 100% natural lice treatment shampoo that kills all lice and nits in one treatment, it still takes time to comb the shampoo through all that hair. Plus, you’ll need to go through your home and be sure the lice aren’t elsewhere in bedding, clothing, and plush toys. With Leeloop hairbands though, you simply prevent the stress of lice getting into your hair and home by tying it into your child’s hair every day. That peace of mind only costs you around 15 cents per day.
  6. It saves your child the embarrassment – And finally, the biggest reason to choose Leeloop hairbands to prevent lice is that it spares your child the embarrassment of itching that results in scratches that can become infected. Leeloop hairbands are colorful like any hair accessory and look fashionable while effectively preventing lice infestation.

Leeloop makes more sense all around because with one simple habit you do every day, you can prevent lice from coming home to you.