Considering A Career In Natural Health?

If you are exploring a career in natural health there are many choices and many directions. Often the most passionate students don’t know where to start. School of Natural Medicine says – “Start with Self Healing – Start with the Highest Teachings – Start with Experience the profound height and depth of living Natural Medicine. With that as your foundation, studying information, theory and skills becomes a delight.

We also advise you to take care in choosing a teacher, class, seminar or school and take the time to connect with the teacher personally before comiting to a course of study. Without the personal connection how do you know if you will connect with a real teacher, not just a good promoter or someone who teaches on a superficial level without experience. Do you wish to repeat your high school style learning or university academia experiences or do you want to discover true learning with a mentor who will know you personally and support and guide you to attain your highest potential as a human being, healer, educator and living example? If you ask the question your receive the answer!

In the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, under the guidance of Naturopath & Director, Farida Sharan, students who discover our wonderful school are told that just as you seek a true teacher, a true teacher seeks a true student. If your dream is to become a healer or a professional naturopath, herbalist, iridologist, reflexologist, living food teacher, essential oils therapist, flower essence practitioner, a health counselor or educator, or just live in a healthy way with friends and family, the highest level of teachings is effort and challenge to live those teachings, to become a living example and authentic guide for others who seek truth.

We are students of life and the very act of becoming a true student of a true teacher creates our most noble opportunity to live up to our highest potential. Consider the following and decide whether you are ready to be an ideal true student and work closely with a true teacher.

Are you a true student? Are you ready to receive the highest teachings?

A student, as well as teacher, I have often thought about what makes a good student. These qualities are what I look for when I am interviewing a potential student, as well as the qualities I encourage and support during each student’s course of study.

Instead of thinking only of information, success, money, and prestige when you consider making a living in the healing arts, consider the qualities you need to develop to help others.

Wisdom, success, abundance and respect will come to you naturally if you deserve them.

The flowering of virtues in consciousness allows the embodiment of wisdom through experience.

VISION – See clearly that you are more than you are. Envision your greatest dream and then live your life to make your dream real.

PASSION – Feel your dream so strongly that you know you can overcome any resistance, obstacles and challenges that stand in your way.

TRUST – Know that step-by-step, little-by-little the causes you make every day will create the future you want for yourself. Know that you don’t always know how things will unfold and trust in the mystery.

COURAGE – Transform fear into creativity. Celebrate the risk by letting the vision, passion and trust move you into action that will create your dream. Have the courage to be yourself.

COMMITMENT – When you say, YES, I will do this and commit yourself 100% to your course of study, the universe moves to support you. You transform the energies within and without you to creative your vision.

PERSEVERENCE – Day by day, keep going, no matter what the ups and downs and changes. Make time. Ask for what you need. Don’t give up, put off studies till some perfect time happens, or make excuses.

COMMUNICATION – Share yourself with words and feelings, taking the time to build a relationship with teachers and your clients. Speak your truth, ask for what you need as well as offer gratitude and appreciation. Your voice carries the vibration of your being and sends it into the universe.

COMPASSION – Understand that no one is perfect, not you, not your family and friends, not your teacher, your fellow students or your clients. From this understanding release the need to judge, blame, manipulate, compete, sympathize or resist. With appreciation, take what is offered from all relationships and transform everything into love.

CONFIDENCE – Know you will succeed. Work with what you know, from your experience, your love, your knowledge, and your instinct. Know that you serve the world and life in all forms and that your work is to live love.

HUMOR – Release the need for serious drama and open to the bigger picture, open to the cosmic humor of our true situation – of not knowing where we came from and where we are going. With this perspective we can open to making the best possible use of our life.

HUMILITY – What is there to be proud of? Pride separates and measures. Let go and let the divine play a beautiful tune through your being.

GRATITUDE – Be thankful for the gifts of each moment and the understanding to receive and respect what is being offered that serves your highest purpose, and the common sense to let go what is not.

HONESTY – Be willing to tune in to your deepest truest feelings and live from that place, releasing the fear that believes you will not be loved for who you are.

WILLINGNESS – Like a child who falls and then gets up again, let your willingness to evolve, grow, expand and become be like the sunrise of each new day.

Think about these qualities. You may want to add others to the list. Some of the qualities mirror and augment each other. Consider the ones that are more natural to you and which ones are more difficult. Make a determination to develop the qualities you are lacking.

School of Natural Medicine gives more than information. It supports and inspires you to be the very best you can be – in every dimension of being, so you can inspire others to join you in creating a garden of love on this planet earth.