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India4Health is a medical tourism service provider that links the space between patients in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, other African and middle eastern countries and health service providers in India. Teaming up with some of India's best JCI accredited and ISO 9001-2000 certified hospitals, we aim to provide world class and yet very affordable healthcare services to international patients using any of our 50 super-speciality partner hospitals.

Our hospitals have teams of well qualified and professional doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons and nursing staff, many of whom are trained in the UK and the USA. They have the finest infrastructure, state of the art equipment and provide services at the most competitive rates worldwide. All set ups are fully equipped, contemporary and hygienic. Apollo, Narayana, Fortis, Max, Artemis, Wockhardt are some of the hospitals we work with.

Medical specialities

Get medical treatment and surgery for:

Bones (Orthopaedic)
Cosmetic Surgery
Heart (
Organ Transplantation
Teeth (Dental)
Woman (Gynaecology)
Eyes (Ophthalmology)
Endocrinology & Diabetes
Cancer (Oncology)
Kidney (Nephrology)
IVF & Others
Nerves (Neurology)
Skin (Dermatology)
Child (Paediatrics)
ENT- Ear, Nose & Throat


We have excellent after care facilities, Ayurveda resorts, SPAs and yoga clinics that help you heal and relax. Packages to rebuild your strength as you relax in the exotic beaches Goa, sailing in the backwaters of Kerala, strolling at the Taj Mahal and dining in the royal palaces in Rajasthan.


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Many medical tourists from the United States are seeking treatment at a quarter or sometimes even a 10th of the cost at home. From Canada, it is often people who are frustrated by long waiting times. From Great Britain, the patient can't wait for treatment by the National Health Service but also can't afford to see a physician in private practice. Continued ...

CHENNAI, India -- As startling numbers of Americans go without health insurance, more of them see their only hope in fleeing to far-flung nations like India for life-saving medical treatments. The dearth of affordable health insurance has engendered a new breed of what the New England Journal of Medicine classifies as "medical refugees" -- patients traveling abroad for heart surgery and other crucial procedures -- that has grown sharply in the past two years. Continued ...

LONDON: Fear of contracting a fatal superbug and long hospital waiting times in United Kingdom are turning India into a popular destination for British health tourists who get comparatively cheaper and better treatment there. Continued ...

Medical tourism in India is increasingly gaining momentum. About 150,000 foreigners seek treatment in Indian hospitals for non-emergency conditions every year. Continued ...

With state-of-the-art equipment and medical practitioners trained abroad, these "five-star" hospitals now attract a new breed of international traveller - the "medical tourist". Continued ...

Last week we took a look at some American medical tourism operators, what sorts of services they offered clients, as well some of the international hospitals they recommended. Continued ...

Our process

Step1: Once you contact us we will request for your medical reports, XRAYs, MRI, etc.
Step2: India4Health will consult the doctors with these reports and medical history. Based on your case details we will try to locate the hospital that specializes in this kind of surgical treatment. Our doctors will provide a treatment plan and provide an estimate.
Step3: Once we provide you options you reach a decision about the hospital and date of visit.
Step4: India4Health will assist with your visa, air travel, accommodation, local transport, airport pickup and hospital admission.

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Heart Surgery (VSD,ASD,TOF)

international patients india Ventricular septal defect is a hole in the wall between the right and left ventricles of the heart. This abnormality generally develops before birth and is found most unfortunately in infants. Atrial septal defect is the hole present between the upper chambers or atria. Tetralogy of Fallot is a cardiac anomaly that should be repaired with open-heart surgery

Knee/Hip replacement

hospital india A total knee replacement is usually indicated by pain, especially in the presence of deformity and instability. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the usual reasons for knee replacement. Hip replacement is indicated where conservative management has failed. Worldwide, more than 1 million hips are replaced annually. With careful patient selection and meticulous surgical technique, good long term results occur in over 90% of cases.Knee Replacement


surgery in india Coronary artery bypass grafting may be indicated when a coronary angiogram shows >50% stenosis in the presence of any of the following:
-severe angina which is unresponsive to medical therapy
-marked ST depression of exercise ECG
-left main stem stenosis
-severe triple vessel disease
-angina with left ventricle dysfunction. Cardiac Bypass

Cancer treatment

cyberknife cancer india The branch of medicine linked with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer is called, 'Oncology':-
radiation therapy
Oncological surgery
monoclonal antibody therapy
Cyberknife surgery biological therapy (immunotherapy)
combination therapy and other methods.

Ophthalmology eye surgery

eye surgery india LASIK- a type of refractive laser eye surgery is performed by ophthalmologists for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. LASIK is somewhat similar to other surgical vision corrective procedures such as photorefractive keratectomy. Patients choose LASIK as an alternative to wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. There are various kinds of Lasik Eye Surgery- iLasik or IntraLasik, PRK, Epi-LASIK being the most common refractive eye surgeries. The increasing demand of Lasik Eye Surgery has over the years decreased the cost of this surgery. Eye surgery
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